Are you looking for galvanized welded wire fence?

Do you know you have a choice?

There are two types of galvanized welded wire fencing materials: GBW (Galvanized before Weaving/Welding) and GAW (Galvanized After Weaving/Welding). Visually they appear very similar. But taking a closer look, you can see the difference. And after they have been installed, the difference becomes more remarkable with the passage of time. Which one is a better value, longer lasting, more readily available?

Welded Wire Mesh

GBW  Galvanized Before Welding GAW   Galvanized Before Welding
Weld point-zinc is burned away
made from strands of galvanized wire
Burn – unprotected from rust and corrosion
Water and any corrosive entities in the intersection- Slowly eating away the steel
The entire finished product is drawn through a bath of molten zinc
Wire intersections thoroughly sealed by zinc
Protected from exposure to sources of corrosion and rust
Available in different gauges and mesh sizes

Chicken Wire Mesh/Hexagonal Wire Mesh

GBW   Galvanized Before Weaving GAW   Galvanized Before Weaving
made from strands of galvanized wire
Economical and inexpensive mesh compared with GAW
a moderate lifetime expectancy
available in a wide variety of gauge and mesh combinations
The entire finished product is drawn through a bath of molten zinc
Salt water and greenhouse benches use
Far superior to GBW one
A longer lifetime expectancy
Available in different gauges and mesh sizes

GAW fencing materials are far superior to GBW. And they will last years longer than GBW. This is why they are the perfect choice to consider when you want a galvanized welded wire fence. Your initial investment cost is higher. But that is more than offset by the extended lifetime of the wire. Not only will you get years of use from your fence. But also you will save on the expenses of repairs and replacement. Why go through those frustrations and hassles?

GAW meshes are the best choice for animal cages as well. The heavy galvanizing will stand up to corrosion from feces and urine. The need for cage replacement will be diminished greatly. Higher initial cost of a quality product will ultimately save you money.

In general, GAW products are harder to find. There are few factories that sell them, partly due to their greater expense. But the demand for this higher quality welded /weaving wire fencing materials is not very strong. That’s because most people do not know about Galvanized After Weld/Weave and that there is a huge difference.

When people say the wire is galvanized, they are usually thinking about the generic GBW products. GAW never comes to mind, even though they might prefer to buy a higher quality product. The assumption is made that since the wire is galvanized, it will last for years. However, if they only knew, they could purchase something far better that would satisfy then for a lot longer.

Post time: Dec-29-2020