Farm Fence / Field Fence


1.Introduce the two types different–knot & with and without curves

 hot-selling type:  Hinge joint type

Cattle Fence04 

Hinge joint fence, also called farm fence, cattle fence, goat and sheep fence, etc. It has a four wrap hinge joint at each joint sections, in which two vertical stay wires wrap together to form a hinged joint. This knot acts as a hinge that provides easy installation and protection. Vertical wires are individually cut and wrapped for maximum strength and flexibility.

Fixed knot type


Fixed knot fence, also called fixed knot deer fence, deer fence, field fence. It has excellent strength,flexibility and easy of installation. It has many sizes and spacing suitable for cattle, deer, goats, pigs, horses, and can even be used for safety applications.

 Deer Fence

Field Fence with curves 

The addition of tension curves to line wires allow any impact load on the fence to spread along line and stay wire. This kind of fence is apply for protecting more large animals, cows, horses, pigs and so on. And the distance is 15cm and 30cm per one.


2.Introduce the surface treatment & tensile strength :

About the surface treatment, can be available hot dipped galvanized, electro galvanized, and heavy galvanized.

They are made of three parts of wire to produce. Stay wire, line wire and knot wire. Normally the tensile strength of line wire is more than stay wire. And the tensile range of line wire is 800-1400 N/mm2. The tensile range of stay wire is 400-850N/mm2. And the tensile range of hinge wire and knot wire is 400-550N/mm2. If you want to more greater tensile strength, we can also provide, such as high carbon steel wire, the tensile strength can be provide 1150-1300 MPA. 

3.Introduce the wire diameter& mesh opening :

About the wire diameter, can be available 2.0-3.0mm. Normally, the top and bottom is 2.8-3.0mm, the inner wire can be available 2.0-2.5mm, and the knot wire is 2.2-2.4mm.

The Mesh opening can be provide two types: Gradient mesh opening and square mesh opening. The gradient mesh is from bottom to top is been big than big. And the square mesh is like this sample. You can choice which one you want based on your requirements. 

Post time: Aug-26-2021