3D Panels Welded Wire Mesh

Features: It is a polystyrene core with reinforced steel mesh on the outside which you shoot 1.5 inches of concrete to each side for strength and thermal mass. This panels consist of a three dimensional welded wire space frame utilizing a truss concept for stress transfer and stiffness. Each surface of the wire space frame has a 2 inch welded wire mesh pattern of longitudinal and transverse wires of the same diameter.Individual welded internal strut wires or diagonals extend through the panel core between each surface.



These galvanized strut wires are welded continuously in the required spacing so they form, with the welded wire fabric, into a triangulated truss system which greatly increases the panel strength. When welded in place, these strut wires pierce through a modified expanded polystyrene core placed between the two layers of welded wire fabric, maintain the required distance apart and provide the shear transfer between the panel surfaces.

Environmentally friendly

With our cities growing, there is a need for a method of building that will be more environmentally friendly and cost efficient. If we can decrease the amount of energy needed for daily living we could decrease the impact on our environment. Studies have shown that an increase of 5% thermal efficiency corresponds to a 15% reduction in CO2 in our atmosphere due to decrease energy consumption.

3D Fence Packing

Post time: Oct-13-2021